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 What gets us jazzed up

Women in business making the money that  makes an impact!

Women are powerful creatures but we don’t always believe in ourselves or understand what we can actually do.  Sometimes we need to be reminded.

And sometimes we just need to get our sh*t together and make it happen.

I’m Patty Marr and I want you to know there’s nothing you can’t do once you set your mind to it.  My team and I have been where you are.  We know what it’s like and we want to help.

So… let’s get your mind right, your business in order, and your systems in place so you can make the deposits, serve your people and leave a legacy for those you love!

This is how we do it:


Our Programs

Our programs are designed for women who want a 6 figure income (or more) and are hell-bent on making it happen.

Make It Happen!

A 90 day program to create your business plan, signature program, sales funnel, communication plan and set up your technical systems.

Build Your Da*n Website!

To be a bad@$$ lady boss, you need a kick@$$ website.  Now is the time.  Let’s do it!

Get Sh*t Done Day!

Carolyn McGinn and I spend the day helping you set up systems and break down barriers ’til nothing’s left to stand in your way.


“Patty Marr uses her amazing skills as a life coach to get you past the many roadblocks that arise as female entrepreneurs. In this role we juggle work life, family responsibilities, and the need for personal time. After a while it all starts to get jumbled together and can feel overwhelming. Patty understands this and helps us focus on the most important things at the time. She thinks outside of the box and asks all the right questions to get you clear on your goals. She has had a tremendous impact on my business!”           


Lou Anne Dunn, Neatly Dunn Professional Organizing and Design


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