About Me





01. Who I am

I am a life coach with a passion for research and a fascination for business concepts and strategies.

02. What I do

I help clients rediscover who they are essentially and what they hope to achieve in life and business. 

03. What i want

My goal is to teach women to dream bigger, to believe in themselves and believe in their dreams. 

How I got here

The book that changed everything.

Patty Marr

Business Coach / Website Designer

Not long ago, I was working a full-time job; sitting in a cube all day; doing paperwork; having very little human interaction; losing my mind.

I knew in my heart that I was meant for more.  That’s when I read Finding Your Way in a Wild New World by Dr. Martha Beck and everything in my life began to shift.

I knew I wanted to be a Life Coach like Martha but I didn’t know how to make it happen.  A series of fortunate events enabled me to attend the Martha Beck Life Coach training program and build a coaching practice of my own.

Now I use my coaching skills and what I’ve learned about business to help entrepreneurial women build successful businesses doing what they love.





A few facts about me

My Why

My kids.  I have 4 children.  Three boys and a girl.

Free Time

I love doing puzzles, reading, and learning new things. 

Family Time

I enjoy spending time with my family at Lake Gaston.


I enjoy networking and meeting new people.

My boss babes

I love hanging out with like-minded women who motivate me and keep me on track.


What I’ve been up to 



I received a Biology degree in 1994.



I worked in diabetes research until 1999.


Mommy Time

I stayed home with my kids for 10 years.


Back to work

I went back to work in the medical device industry in 2009.


Life Coach

I completed Life Coach training and began my practice in 2015.

Business Coach

I transitioned to business coach and website design in 2018.


Working together to serve you better

Carolyn McGinn

Mindset Coach

Carolyn McGinn is a good friend, talented massage therapist and phenomenal mindset coach.

Working with Carolyn has enabled me to get past mental blocks that kept me from moving forward in my business.

I love her process!  Her method is like magic. She plucks out limiting beliefs like she’s picking cotton.

I find myself thinking and behaving differently.  I’m now able to do things I was afraid to do before. 

Carolyn has graciously agreed to work with me during Get Sh*t Done Day!  I’m so excited!  The work we’ll be doing is intense and sure to bring up limiting beliefs.  I’m so happy to have Carolyn there to work through them!

Learn more about Carolyn at OutrageousSelfCare.com 

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