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New Workshop!


Say Yes to the Quest!


An introduction to the Law of Attraction.

Learn to direct your thoughts in order to
attract what you really want into your life.


Say “Yes!” to living your best life now.
Say “Yes!” to allowing all that you want to come to you.
Say “Yes I deserve it!”, “Yes I am worth it!”
Now is YOUR time.  It’s time to stop the struggle,
the worry, the frustration, the procrastination.

Say Yes to the Quest! Workshop

I am loving what I’m seeing happen when my clients apply the principles of the Law of Attraction to their lives and businesses!  I love it so much I want to share this powerful Universal law with EVERYONE!!  

I’m super excited to have my good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Lauren Clark, helping me host this workshop on the Law of Attraction.  Lauren owns Creative Wellness for You, a health and wellness business that encourages being proactive rather than reactive with your health.  I’m over the moon with joy and gratitude to have her share her knowledge and experience with us.  


“Patty Marr uses her amazing skills as a life coach to get you past the many roadblocks that arise as female entrepreneurs. In this role we juggle work life, family responsibilities, and the need for personal time. After a while it all starts to get jumbled together and can feel overwhelming. Patty understands this and helps us focus on the most important things at the time. She thinks outside of the box and asks all the right questions to get you clear on your goals. She has had a tremendous impact on my business!”           


Lou Anne Dunn, Neatly Dunn Professional Organizing and Design


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