Maybe you’re going through a difficult transition, lost your direction, or lost your sense of self.

Maybe something from the past has a hold on you and you can’t move forward until you deal with it.

It’s not easy and it sometimes feels impossible to completely turn your life around.  But you CAN do it.

And you don’t have to do it alone.

No one person on earth is any more capable of change than another.

You are the catalyst and you are the roadblock. 

You have to get out of your own way and take a step in a different direction.


Just one small step can turn it all around.

If you think you don’t deserve to have what you want, you’re wrong.  That’s a common

misconception among my clients.  We’re supposed to go for what we want.

Our desires are God’s breadcrumbs.  They guide us.  They keep us on our path. 


Do you feel like you’ve veered off your path, lost your way?

Would you just like to get back to who you used to be or do you want a complete redo?

Maybe you don’t know what you want but you know that this isn’t it.

This is where I come in.  


 I offer a 6 week one-on-one coaching program called Clear. Focused. Confident. to help you figure out 

who you are, what you want, and how to make it happen. 



6 one hour coaching sessions (one per week for 6 weeks)


email, text, or phone support during my regular office hours (during the six week period)


– Get clear about what you really want, not what you think you should want or what others want for you

– Learn the tools you need to help you make better decisions

– Learn how to challenge limiting beliefs and change wrong thinking

– Focus only on what keeps you moving forward and let go of what is holding you back

– Take the small action steps that build your confidence and prepare you for a giant leap


                                          – 6 one hour 1-on-1 coaching sessions

                                          –  Homework assignments that keep you focused and moving forward between sessions

                                          – email, text, and phone support between sessions


Your investment for this program is $495 and can be paid in full or in 3 installments of $165.



Contact me via phone or email or leave me a message here and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

We will set up a complimentary strategy session to discuss what you need and how I can help.

I look forward to talking with you and helping you find the path to your best life.

Don’t wait any longer.  Contact me and let’s talk soon.