Yesterday was not an ideal day for me.  I had too much going on.  My calendar was overbooked and I was feeling rushed and out of control.

Trying to hurry through the drive-thru at the bank, I dropped the deposit container and it rolled under my car.  I climbed out of my car because of course I couldn’t open the driver side door.  I got on all fours with my butt in the air stretching under my car to retrieve it.  Not a good start.

I survived the morning, barely, but then totally forgot an afternoon appointment and showed up half an hour late. I hate making people wait and I hate feeling disorganized and irresponsible.

To get back on track and prevent more crazy days, I use a tool called the Ideal Day.  It’s a quick and easy exercise to help me determine what my day could look like if everything went just right.  It gives me something to shoot for so I can plan my day with intention and expectation and not give way to chaos.If you’re having crazy days or even ho-hum days and want to spice it up, I recommend you go through this exercise.  You can get it here.  Getting clear on what your ideal day looks like is the first step to making it happen.  I hope you find it helpful!